First Things First

When remodeling your home, the yard is oftentimes left for last. Usually, major
room renovations like kitchens and bathrooms get addressed first, while the exterior of
the house goes neglected. Ironically, although the yard can be the most visually striking
part of the home’s appearance, most people often don’t realize the extent of attention it
actually requires.

It’s important to make sure the outside of your home is visually appealing
because it will be the first thing that prospective buyers see. If, before buyers even enter
your home, your yard is in disrepair, and your trees are overgrown and unkempt, why
would they want to come inside?

Once you’ve realized how important it is to care for the trees in your yard, there
are multiple aspects to consider.

The Difference Between Pruning and Trimming:

● Pruning ensures the protection of the tree.
● Trimming helps the tree grow in the perfect shape.
Reasons to Care for Trees:
● Appearance: Trimming and caring for your trees will improve their visual
appearance. In turn, this will make your house appear well-cared for and
therefore valuable and aesthetically pleasing.
● Health: This ties in with the appearance. Trimming and pruning trees help them
grow healthy, strong, and fruitful and produces trees that bring a lively aspect to
any home.
● Safety: A tree with branches that need to be pruned can lose its branches at any
time. There’s nothing like getting hit on the head by a branch when you’re house
shopping to seal the deal!
Tree Care:
● Trimming: Most trees need to be trimmed regularly in order to retain healthy and
vibrant foliage. Trees need to have their leaves and branches trimmed so they
can grow in a neat and clean shape.
● Pruning: Tree branches need to be pruned or removed so that light and rain can
reach the tree. Additionally, pruning removes dead branches from the tree that
can fall and cause accidents.
● Sickness: Spottiness, yellow leaves, and dead branches can indicate disease.
Most tree diseases can be simply rectified through the implementation of regular
tree care.
More specifically, there are nuances of tree trimming important to consider when
beginning to take care of your trees. It’s great to finally start caring for them—but to
incorrectly care for a tree is just as bad as not caring for it at all!
Important Things to Remember:
● Timing: There are certain times when it’s better to trim trees. The best time to
prune or trim is during dormancy—the winter time. The worst time to prune or
trim is in Autumn when trees heal slower from wounds and decay fungi is
● Repetition: Tree trimming services should be performed twice a year and pruning
should be annual.

Don’t let unkempt trees be the reason your house doesn’t sell. Start caring for
your trees today!