Avoiding Bad Contractors

A dear friend recently had a horrible experience with a flooring contractor who was recommended by another friend of ours.

Referrals in the home services industry are much like getting dating advice from your Aunt Martha; you want to listen but know you’re going down a slippery slope that could end in bliss or disaster. This particular recommendation ended in disaster.

Fort that reason, we wanted to write quick article once again to help readers vet possible contractors properly. In the above scenario, the friend was given the referral and because it was from a trusted person, failed to do their homework and they paid dearly for it.

Some of the easiest and BEST ways to vet a local contractor are:

1) Google search

2) Better Business Bureau

3) Yelp

4) Google reviews

5) Angie’s list

6) Thumbtack

7) Bing search

8) Ask for past project photos

Taking these basic steps and doing a little bit of research can help avoid disasters like this one.

Take the time to vet EVERY contractor that steps foot in your house. A simple Google search would have provided plenty of ammo to “just say no” in this case and avoided a lot of headaches.

Best of luck!